Machir: King of the Jews

So who was this rabbi that was given the title of “King of the Jews”? First, the name “Machir,” comes from Genesis 50:23, then Rabbi Machir used this name in Iraq, and Narbonne, France; 8th-9th century.

But Rabbi Machir went by other titles:

  • Theodoric I of Septimania
  • Makhir Natronai ben Habibi the Resh Galuta
  • Rabbi Makir ha-David
  • Dietrich

This certainly makes it hard to read history books since he’s called different names depending on who does the writing.

Rabbi Makhir was received by Charlemagne and given the title “King of the Jews”. His ancestry is possibly one of the greatest lineages of antiquity. He claimed (or others do for him) descent not only from the Merovingian Kings, but lineal descent from King David himself.

Both the king and the Pope acknowledged this pedigree!

He was born circa 720 in Babylonia, part of the Persian Empire. He married Alda des Francs, daughter of Charles Martelldux Francorum and Chrothais , a concubine.

He was the Jewish Exilarch in Narbonne, and he succeeded in establishing a regionally autonomous Jewish-led state around Narbonne. Makhir has been identified as Makhir Natronai, Resh Galuta in Baghdad.

He was ousted from his position by a cousin in 771 when he was still in Babylon. He was what is called “Baghdad Exilarchs” who were reputed to be lineal descendents of the ancient Hebrew King David.

What is fairly clear is that Septimania (present-day Languedoc) achieved an independent position in this era by some means or other, with the status of a Duchy or even possibly a Kingdom.”



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